What is heeding the hum?

What is heeding the hum?

THE SHORT VERSION: Heeding the hum is about learning to trust your intuitions, the voice telling you to do something or not doing something. Heeding the hum is taking a moment to pay attention to what your life is telling you. 

THE HEART OF IT: We are in the habit of numbing and zoning out. I do it, guilty as charged! It seems logical, we all want to feel good after all. This world is not easy to live in, but we can make it easier for ourselves by heeding to the hums. The hums in our lives eventually turn into screams or fog horns when ignored because we can’t escape ourselves, our thoughts and feelings, despite how hard we may try.  The practice of heeding the hum is learning to tune in before those hums turn into blaring booms and long lasting oppressions of the self. When you heed to the hums in your life, you tune in and trust yourself.

Have you ever gone through something big in your life and realized days, months, years later, that you saw red flags, felt funny or weird or had hesitations at the beginning? Those are the hums. Maybe you’re having a ball at a party and one line of a song brings you to tears. Maybe after being in and out and taking space from someone in your life you realize something has to give. Maybe you were walking down the street and someone says something to you and you have a subtle but very real panic attack. Maybe someone in your life brings about a certain feeling every time you are around them, good or bad. Maybe you have a habit or pattern that keeps following you around. Did something just come to mind? That's a hum. 

Everything is speaking to us all the time. Our experiences, gut feelings, emotions, friends, family, strangers, pets, the earth - everything - are all signs here for us. Heeding the hums takes vulnerability and courage to really listen, and to see. 

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WHERE DO THE CLOTHES AND OTHER GOODIES COME IN? Striving to Heed the Hum becomes easier when you have different outlets of expression and representation. Whether you want to start a conversation or simply communicate that you are an ally, our products have a point of view worth sharing. Each product has it’s own conceptual depth, designed to champion diversity, juxtapose tradition with progressivism, or demand social justice issues be seen and heard. We believe the first way to bring light to darkness, to make sense of the hums in our lives, is through conversation. So grab a shirt. Start a convo. Be proud of who you are.

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